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IFB 6 Kg Front Load Senorita Aqua Sx has Aqua Energie Which Converts the Foaming Crust S to Water. This Ensures That Your Clothes Are Equally Wet and the Detergent is Spread Every Corner of the Clothes. It Comes With a 2D Shower System Which Ensures Vibrant Moves So That the Dirt Can Be Removed From Every Corner of the Clothes. It also Sprinkle the Clear Water While It is Getting Rinsed, This Ensures a Better and Clean Wash For the Clothes. the Inner Drum Which is Made As Crescent Moon Drum Helps the Water to Be Curves Up in a Swoosh Pattern While It is Being Washed. It has An Amazing System Like Auto Imbalance System, If the Clothes Are Spread Unevenly It Will Auto Adjust the Load So That It Can Be Washed in a Proper Manner. It also has Provides a Foam Control System Which Will Help in Reducing the Foam Level. a Special Function Like Express 15 is Given Only For the Once Worn or Small Laundry. It also Gives the Facility to Clean the Tub to Make It More Safe and Protective.

Aqua Energie
A special built-in aqua filter that treats hard water improving the life and performance of your machine. It breaks the bi-carbonates in the water and reduces them to crystals. These crystals are microscopically small and flow with the water instead of forming crusts. the filtered water is soft and facilitates wetting of clothes. the detergent enzymes dissolve in the water giving your clothes a better wash. It reduces scaling on machine components.

2D Shower System
It adds dynamic movement to the water and ensures that you get a cleaner and fresher wash for your clothes anytime. A special water system with nozzles, circulates the water 360° in the drum. the detergent dissolves 100% and penetrates the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash. During rinsing fresh water penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of detergent. the clothes come out cleaner and fresher.

Crescent Moon Drum
The crescent moon shaped pattern on the inner drum protects clothes during the wash. Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. Clothes get a gentle yet thorough cleaning.

Auto Imbalance System
If the wash load is unevenly distributed, the washing machine will re-distribute the load to balance it inside the drum. In this process, the washing machine will start and stop during rotation cycles as it balances the load.

Foam Control System
It automatically senses the generation of foam and activates a dilution system to dissolve the excessive foam. It helps maintain the wash quality.

Express 15
Small loads of laundry warrant a faster wash and your IFB responds. Use the Express 15 feature for once worn or smaller laundry loads.

Laundry Add
Lets you add laundry even after wash cycle has started.

Protective Rat Mesh
An additional cover at the bottom of the machine protects against possible damage caused by rodents.

Eco Wash
A special programme that gives the best wash quality using optimum energy and water

Tub Clean
Regular use of washing machine results in development of fungus and bacteria in the tub which leads to bad odor , before selecting tub clean feature empty the drum add some amount of detergent orr descalant . This feature eliminates any impurities, scaling, bacteria and unpleasant smell from the washing machine

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