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Product Description

Product Summary of Whirlpool 20Ltr 20BC Convection Microwave Oven

  • Type : Convection
  • Grill
  • Capacity(Ltrs) : 20 Liters
  • Auto Cook Menus : 118
  • Key Features : Manual Defrost, Convection Combi Mode, Grill Combi Mode, Clock, Pre Heat/Quick Heat Mode/Start Mode, Quick Defrost/Defrost, Auto Reheat, Multi Stage Cooking
  • SUPC: 1799560

Description of Whirlpool 20Ltr 20BC Convection Microwave Oven

Love making delicious food at home? Then go for the Whirlpool 20 Litres 20 BC convection oven. Its 20 litre capacity enables you to host a reunion party or a birthday bash and handle a huge guest list with absolute ease. This microwave oven has a power consumption of 2200 W. With 118 Auto Cook recipes, this black oven offers you programmed recipes, thereby saving you time.

This Whirlpool 20 BC microwave oven employs a fan and a heating element that ensure optimum and faster browning of the food. This oven features a unique top and back heater for enhanced performance. Its transparent full glass door allows you to keep an eye on the food as it's been cooked. Other features in this Whirlpool microwave oven include Side Swing Door, Multi-Stage and Combination Cooking.


Which Microwave Oven  Should I Buy ?

Solo / Convection / Grill

Solo Microwave Ovens- The solo models have only a magnetron inside to produce micr waves. It can do the heating and boiling, but it can not perform the roasting and baking operations. The solo models are basic models in micro wave ovens.

Grill Microwave Ovens - In the grill models, the micro wave ovens are provided with heating coils. When you use the grill function, generally the microwave function is in off function. In the grill function, the heated coils induce a grilling or roasting process. For example, toast making. The grilling process creates browning on the surface of the food article. It is possible to simultaneously provide the grilling as well as microwave function. For example you can use both these functions simultaneously while cooking chicken legs, fish or paneer dishes.

Convection Microwave Ovens - In the case of convection models, the micro wave oven has the micro wave function, the coils for grilling and heaters with a blower to bake the food, these heaters are connected to a thermostat to control the cavity temperature, the range of the thermostat is 95° c to 230° c. this is a very versatile function, go ahead and make your cake, biscuits, naan-katai or even your tandoori dishes, you have the advantage of using all these functions independently or in combination to suit your cooking needs.

What are the types of dishes that can be cooked in microwave?

Rice items – pulao, biryani (all types)

Mutton – curry, fry, masala, kheema

Chicken – tikka, stew curry, fry, tandoori

Fish & other sea food – curry, steak, tandoori.

All types of vegetables and dals.

Sweets – halwa, burfi, kheer, payasam.

Snacks – patties, omelets, uppma, poha, pizza & rolls.

Continental – lamb stew, mushroom soup, pudding custard etc.


What is the time taken to cook on a microwave?

Microwave cooking is much faster than conventional cooking. For 4 servings i.e. (250-300 gms) see the table below.


Time taken to cook


15 - 20 Minutes.


7 - 15 Minutes.

Dal Items

25 - 35 Minutes.


3 - 25 mts. ( depending on the dish )


15 - 30 Minutes.

Chicken / Mutton dishes

15 - 35 Minutes.

Fish Items

7 - 15 Minutes.

What type of dishes can be used in a Microwave oven?

 One can use Ceramic, Chinaware, Porcelain, Borosilicate, Glass and Thermoplastic wares. These dishes should not have any metal trimmings or decoration.The above consumptions are at maximum Microwave power levels, the electricity consumption decreases correspondingly with lower power levels.Like any other appliance, it is necessary to safeguard your appliances against wide voltage fluctuations. Use a stabilizer of 1.5 KV and above. In case of Microwaves this will also ensure perfect cooking time.

If one has a gas stove at home, why should he/she go for a microwave oven?

Microwave cooking is much faster than conventional cooking. On an average it is 2 to 3 times faster.Microwave cooking enhances the flavour of food because it cooks quickly with little or no water and thus preserves the natural colour of vegetables and fruits as well as the nutrients.Unlike cooking on a gas stove, food does not burn or spill over. There is no smoke and unpleasant odour, thus keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.

How is microwave reheating different?

 Left over food can be reheated quickly without losing its original flavour or taste, thus maintaining its freshness. Food that is cold and tasteless can be made hot and tasty in minutes.

What is not possible in a microwave oven?

 It’s not possible to make chapattis or tandoori rotis in a microwave oven. A microwave oven cannot be used to make soft or boiled eggs. Deep frying necessary for making puris, vadas, pakodas and jalebis is also not possible.

What size microwave oven should I buy?

Choosing the size will depend a lot on what you intend to cook or reheat. If you will be cooking for a family or enjoy entertaining, consider purchasing a large microwave oven that will accommodate an over-sized casserole dish or several small ones. Location is also important. If you have limited counter space, consider buying a compact microwave oven or a model that can be installed under kitchen cabinets. Another option is a space-saving over-the-range microwave oven that fits above a cooktop in the space of a range hood.

Myth Buster Chart



Microwave is good only for reheating.

Apart from cooking all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items a microwave oven is also extremely useful for defrosting, boiling, baking, reheating etc.

Food does not taste as delicious as
compared to food cooked conventionally

On the contrary, food is cooked in its own juices and as a result it is full of natural aroma, colour and texture.

Indian food cannot be cooked in a

Microwave can be used to cook various regular and intricate Indian recipes starting from sambhar, idilis, rice, biryani, kheer, burfi, kababs etc.

The running cost of a Microwave oven is expensive

If microwave ovens are used on a daily basis, the monthly cost would be more or less equal that to of cooking gas. Besides microwave cooking requires very little oil and spices as compared to conventional cooking.

Microwave oven is not safe

It is the safest of all cooking appliances as there is no risk of fire and shock. The in built door lock switch ensures that the oven switches OFF automatically in case the door is opened accidentally during operation.

Microwave ovens involve very complicated operations.

A microwave oven is easy to operate.

Warranty of Whirlpool 20Ltr 20BC Convection Microwave Oven

Period 1 year Warranty

Technical Specifications of Whirlpool 20Ltr 20BC Convection Microwave Oven

In The Box
Package Contents Main Unit, Grill Rack, Turntable, Turntable Support, User Manual
Starter Kit Contents Yes
Type Convection$Grill
Capacity(Ltrs) 20 Liters
Colour Black with Reflective Mirror Membrane
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
LED Display Yes
Auto Cook Menus 118
Additional Features Door Type: Side Swing; Turntable Size: 245 mm; Power Levels: 10; Control Type: Feather Touch Membrane; Weight: 14.4 Kg; Manual Defrost, Convection Combi Mode, Grill Combi Mode, Clock, Pre Heat/Quick Heat Mode/Start Mode, Quick Defrost/Defrost, Auto Reheat, Multi Stage Cooking
Safety Features -
Dimensions(mm) (W x H x D) - Product: 264 x 455 x 353 mm, Cavity: 220 x 315 x 294 mm
Voltage (V Hz) -
Microwave Frequency (MHz) -
Max Power Consumption(Watts) Output Power - Microwave: 800 Watts, Grill: 1100 Watts, Convection: 2000 Watts
Warranty Period 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty on Magnetron

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